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Why Buy From Us

The Kitchen... Heart of the Home!

At Porto Fino Home & Kitchen, we get our inspiration from how families around the world congregate and come together when sharing meals in their kitchens. 

It's widely said that the kitchen is the Heart of the Home...  We Couldn’t Agree More!

In our own families, whether it’s cooking a healthy and delicious meal, making freshly brewed coffee to get the morning started right or helping our kids with their homework, the kitchen is where all of these things happen.

Moments of Laughter...

Moments of Tears...

Your Kitchen has Seen it All...

Everyday, we spend a majority of our “Home” time in the kitchen, not only nourishing our bodies but also nourishing our family relationships and sharing our happy (and at times), not-so-happy moments together.

In a Few Words... “We Love our Kitchens!”

We don’t want to have inferior quality tools and mismatched utensils in our kitchens. We want to have products made of quality materials that we are happy to display when friends and family come to visit.

We want our friends to say, “Hey, where’d you get this beautiful cutting board?” Or “These are great cooking utensils, where’d you get them?”

Overall, we just want to bring our customers the same kind of products that we are proud to use in our own homes... In our own Kitchens!

Highest Quality Materials

  • All of our products are made with the highest quality and FDA approved materials. We want families to be safe when using our products in their kitchens and not be exposed to inferior quality materials that may otherwise harm them. We will only offer what our own families are happy to use.

Used in Our Homes & Tested By Our Families

  • We will never offer something that hasn’t been tested first by our own families. If we think it has stood up to the rigors of daily use that we put it through in our homes... then, and only then, do we want to share it with you.

Designed with Functional Ergonomics

  • Whether it’s the handle design on a set of utensils or the way a product stores away nicely in a space-saving manner in the kitchen, we want our designs to serve a useful function and provide additional benefits to our customers!


  • We only do business with Integrity and Honesty. We feel that people who buy our products are like our extended family. Would you offer anything less than the best to your family? We Wouldn’t Either! 

Value for Money

  • We know how hard our customers work for their money and we want them to feel they receive great value for what they buy. We love the feeling when we ourselves buy something at a great price. No need to charge a ridiculous price for a set of utensils to cook with, as some other brands do. We want you to feel Happy and Glad you did business with us!

Our Compass

  • Do it Right. If Not... Get it Right
  • Listen to our Customers
  • Value People over Profits
  • Help Others and make a Difference in the World